Here I Am

This Is Me ...

(Means "Hello" for people in Northern Germany)
I am a twenty-two year old design student from the vicinity of Hamburg. Currently, I study at the University in Wolverhampton in order to make my M.A. in Digital and Visual Design.
My greatest passion however, is creating unique musical themes (or "Leitmotifs" as music nerds call it) for all kinds of media telling stories like games and feature films. Apart from composing I spend my days (and nights) with illustration, conception, movie editing and VFX-compositing.
That's also a fancy German word, literally translated "Rag Dog".
It describes a lousy person you cannot trust. Of course, I am a greatly trustworthy person. ;)
But I have anyhow some affinity for all kinds of bigger dogs and also I've always been more interested in villains than in heroes. So I began choosing this word as my nickname all over the web – now it shall be the noble title of my personal portfolio ...

First Logo Impression (2012)

A few years ago I started developing the "Vantlers"-Project together with some friends.
This is a mutual dream and supposed to become a more serious company for design, film and scoring services in near future.
You might find some orchestral tracks entitled with "Vantlers Music" on this website. These are film scores I want to create directly for the Vantlers portfolio. But they're still mine.