The correct german translation for the animal crab is "Krebs".
However, this word also stands for Cancer (which is actually a latin term referring to a genus of marine crabs).
Hence "Knack den Krebs" (Crack the Crab) is a metaphoric wordplay encouraging people to defeat cancer.

Some sheets of the final storyboard

Featuring Ruby Meschke
Directed by Julian Strunck, Marc Brummund
Produced by Christian Kalusky, Paula Kacprzak, Julian Strunck
Director of Photography: Christian Kalusky, Matthias Bolliger
Edited by Christian Kalusky
Music Composed by Julian Strunck
Visual Effects by Julian Strunck, Tom Böhl
Set Runners: Mareike Schröder, Hanna Runge, Tom Böhl
Film and Storyboard Comparison
Have a closer look at the rough beginning next to the final product.
See how it's been done:
The entire CGI was created in Blender using a professional mesh of an Atlantic Blue Crab and PBR shading techniques.
Animation, Lighting and Compositing: Julian Strunck
Camera Tracking and Matchmoving: Tom Böhl
Crab model and textures purchased at
Face Art
The film below has been created by Mareike Schröder and Hanna Runge.
I was allowed to write a few notes of inspirational music for this visual masterpiece.